The ‘Stuff’ of Language

Organiser: Dr. Cory Marie Stade (Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins, University of Southampton, United Kingdom)

This workshop invites both archaeologists interested in how language evolved, and evolutionary linguists interested in the material culture of early humans. Its goal is to establish the importance of archaeology to language evolution studies, and to articulate what information it does, or can, provide to the field of language evolution. This will culminate in a joint paper to be submitted to the Journal of Language Evolution, to which attendees will be invited to contribute.

In a series of short presentations, researchers will share their archaeological research which they feel has potential to inform questions concerning the origins of language. Discussions will follow where workshop attendees can consider how to investigate or further articulate those implications, including collaboration with evolutionary linguists. The workshop is designed as a networking platform to bring together people from both fields, and to encourage cross-disciplinary discussion and the sharing of fresh research.

This workshop is in connection with the EvoLang 2018 conference:

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